Course Features

  • 8 Interconnecting Units of Competency

    Specifically developed to compliment the leadership requirements of a manager who must manage and lead staff in both a face to face and remote settings.

  • 67 Individual Unit Lessons

    Each lesson builds on the next to ensure the foundation of learning is chronological and relevant to the skills objectives of the course and vocational needs.

  • 45 hours of media presentation & tutorials

    A diverse range of direct presentation and tutorial activities which pull focus on key technical skills and competencies required of a higher-level manager.

  • 7 Individual quiz assessment checkpoints

    Testing knowledge absorption is a building block process to assess vocational competencies while building student confidence in the learning journey.

  • 7 Scenario Driven Assignments

    The key driving force behind HDLC’s vocational approach is the assessment of student competency via a scenario-driven NGO operating in South Sudan.

  • 80 hours of self-paced study

    Creative, Affordable and Accessible learning was our vision. Your online learning journey allows you to dictate when, where and how much study to undertake.